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Major U.K. retailer

We have been originating a high volume of instruction manuals for this client's own-branded electrical products since 2007. These cover most fields within the consumer electrical category including audio-visual, personal care, novelty, home and office, diy and small domestic home and kitchen products.

The client needed clear, concise instructions to ensure that their customers are quickly able to operate a product safely and correctly. If the user guide is not clear this can make a new product appear faulty, and in the worst case, result in the product being returned to store for a refund.

Through the use of clear writing, formatting and illustration, high quality instruction handbooks have reduced the level of frustration for the customer and product returns to their stores.

We've originated over 500 instruction manuals for this client and in addition, have provided DTP layout services for a similar number of translation projects into Central European languages in the same period.

Medical electronics manufacturer

This company manufactures bed-side electronic diagnostic equipment for intensive care patients.

Their product range is constantly evolving and our role is to maintain their illustrated 200 page Instruction For Use handbook, and also the graphic Quick-Reference Guide that is used for reference by the intensive care nursing staff.

Leading hi-fi audio brand

An on-going project to write handbooks for this client, one of the leading brands in high-end audio equipment. These products sound fantastic. The range consists of a very flexible and upgradeable range of audio components that can be combined into different systems. Each system brings with it a host of useful features.

Their objective is to ensure that whichever system of components the customer has chosen they will quickly be able to identify and understand the features available, then relax and enjoy the best in sound quality as the designers intended.

We re-presented their handbook library both on-line and on a navigable CD-ROM, supported by a printed quick-start guide.

The electronic formats for the full handbooks offer instant updates and no scrappage of paper handbooks when changes are made. The printed quick-start guides are common to all components which gives them the benefit of significantly reduced printing costs.

When no internet connection is available, the CD-ROM is navigable off-line as a mini-website, enabling a user to identify and locate the documentation they need in their native language by clicking on-screen graphic symbols.

Asbestos training provider

This client required presentation documents to clearly explain the services they could provide to new business clients.

We designed a high quality presentation folder with a set of inserts that detailed each of the training courses they provide.

These documents provided them with the tools they needed to present their business to potential new clients.

Invisible speaker manufacturer

This company manufactures the most amazing in-wall invisible speakers. The speakers sit just under the skin of the plaster coating and project sound by vibrating the wall itself.

A critical stage in achieving the best performance from one of these speaker systems is to ensure that the speaker is installed correctly.

Our work for this client is to produce their on-line installation guides that clearly show how to install each model of speaker into walls of different types. The installation guide is navigable using multiple-choice hyperlinks so that the installer reads only the information that is relevant to their installation.

The installation guides are supported by graphic quick-reference guides that are packed with the speakers. These prompt the installers on-site at each stage of installation and require no translation.

Classic car service documentation

Classic cars can only survive if documentation is available to support the maintenance of them. In this case we were approached by a group of enthusiasts who drive classic models equipped with the very first-generation electronic fuel injection. No reliable documentation existed to help them service the fuel injection analogue computers that were installed in their cars.

We undertook to trace the circuits, draft schematics and write up service documentation that would enable a competent electronic service engineer to diagnose and repair problems and keep these amazing cars on the road.